Protec Magnet - 9 gammes de protection magnétiques diponibles pour plus de 100 modèles de 4x4 ...

Protec Magnet - Ne rayez plus votre 4x4 ! Protection magnétique anti rayures pour Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, Jeep, Land Rover, Suzuki, kia, hummer, vw, porsche …
Le meilleur accessoire 4x4 contre les rayures.

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Protec Magnet

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Protec Magnet - don't scratch your 4WD car !


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Mitsubishi  Toyota  Mercedes  Nissan  Jeep  Hyundai  Land Rover  VW  Kia  Suzuki  Hummer  Ford  Isuzu  Porsche  Mazda

High resistance
against all branches

and reusable at will

Long life
Over 10 years !

Covers the car
perfectly and protects it
like a second skin

Easyfit in several minutes

Our kits allow you to have an always clean and unscratched car instead peelable paint and permanent film

No transformation
Required and
no need for any tools

No problems in opening doors

Usable in all weather, even when
fording a river

Stickers can be added

NEW Protec Magnet Kits for ...

Suzuki Jimny 2019
Ford Raptor
Nissan Navara NP300
Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet
Dacia ( Renault ) Duster 2
Jeep Renegade
Toyota Hilux Revo
Double cab & X Tra Cab
Isuzu Dmax
Mitsubishi L200 2016
Dual cab & club cab
Fiat Fullback
Dual cab & extended cab

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Protec Magnet, … vivement recommandé par 100% des journalistes qui l'ont essayé !
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Protec Magnet
the concept

Protec Magnet
Protec Magnet + product

Indispensable pour la randonnée ( 4x4 magazine ) Protec Magnet est sans contest la solution la plus rapide pour protéger son 4x4 … ultra facile à poser et à déposer ( Toyota Land Cruiser Magazine ) les bienfaits du magnétisme ( Génération 4x4 ) Protec Magnet donne entière satisfaction ( Univers Land ) Protéger votre 4x4 très simplement… ( Auto Verte )  le spécialiste incontesté ( Univers Toy ) Concept innovant et bien connu des baroudeurs, Protec Magnet est devenu le spécialiste incontesté… ( Action 4x4 ) L'essayer, c'est l'adopter ! ( Génération 4x4 ) - Une seule protection efficace, les kits Protec Magnet ( 4x4 Mondial ) - On a essayé, c'est efficace. ( Action 4x4 ) - Une solution efficace et intelligente pour les baroudeurs… ( 4x4 magazine ) - En moins de 4 minutes, le tour est joué… ( tout terrain magazine ) - L'arme antirayure ! ( Free Road ) - Protection très efficace ( Toyota Land Cruiser Magazine ) - Aucun risque de rayure ! ( Passion 4x4 ) - Foie de passion 4x4, ce produit n'est pas un simple gadget, nous l'avons essayé ( Passion 4x4 ) - Ne rayez plus votre 4x4, blindez le ! … terriblement efficace… ( Action 4x4 ) - Solution astucieuse ( l'auto journal 4x4 )- Astucieux pratique et rapide ( Passion 4x4 ) - Protec Magnet protège le véhicule contre les agressions de la végétation ( Auto Verte )

Lire la revue de presse.

Only a few minutes are necessary to install or remove the Protec Magnet Kit , no tools are required.

The magnets we use are very powerful and have been specially developped for this purpose

When not in use the kit can be easily stored in the boot / trunk of your 4WD.

Protec Magnet protects your car against all vegetation and also key scratches.

The main avantage is that your kit is removable and you can use it whenever you want.
After your off road trip, when you will have removed your Protec Magnet kit, your car will be beautifll as the first day.

Therefore, with a permanent film, your car will looks scratched for ever and a permanent fil is very diffuclt to remove.

A low cost protection :
You can use your Protec Magnet kit whenever you want and during many years wiiwh is not the case with a temporary film.

When you will sell your car, as its paint will be beautifull as the first day , you will get an high value in the same case if your car would have never gone off road.

Protec Magnet kit can be easily washed with water also with an high pression machine.

Protégez votre 4x4 contre les rayures !

What could be worse than coming home after an off road trip with scratches on your beautiful 4WD paintwork.… Scratches which will cost you at least 2.000 euros ( 2.500 USD ) to repair … or a depreciation in value when you come to sell it.

Protec Magnet is a unique system using magnetised rubber

Protec Magnet is the trade name for unique soft rubber magnetic elements that you place on your 4WD's bodywork on order to prevent any scratches from trees branches, or whatever, while you are driving off road.

Protec Magnet covers both sides of the vehicle like a second skin. We have a Protec Magnet kit for every model of vehicle.

A 4WD Protec Magnet kit usually consists of 4 elements per side depending on your model of 4WD.

For more informations, check out technical informations.

For more informations, contact us :
By phone
From France : 04 93 59 14 25
From abroad : ++ 33 4 93 59 14 25
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( français, english, italiano )

Protec Magnet
Official supplier of the Jeep Academy
In France

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